Stock Control for WooCommerce

Manage your Woo inventory the easy way!

Product Manager

Quick, easy to use product editing

Product Manager

All product details on one page. Edit products in the familiar “Woo” style on one page. Change descriptions, images, stock, attributes, categories on one page. Save for reviewing later or publish directly. Update all Woo product types including variations.

  • Edit product details on one page
  • Save for reviewing later or publish directly
  • Work in the familiar “Woo” style of updating products

If you are currently updating product details in Excel and then uploading to the shop, then this plugin is for you! No need for complicated CSV uploads as you can handle all changes on one page, done the “Woo” way!

Quickly upload new stock count for products. An easy one page Stocktake solution.

Adjust stock with “Stock In / Out Adjustments” to enter Goods In or Write Offs. This is a reliable safe method to add / deduct stock as stock will be adjusted when you click “apply”. No worries if an order has come in whilst you started work!

Stock In / Out Adjustments

Stock Manager

Reliable, efficient stock management

Log / Audit

The plugin automatically logs all changes made to products in the Product & Stock Manager. See who made which change when.

Save + Publish

Prepare product changes as a draft and publish later. Never again use a separate Excel sheet and CSV import to manage your product updates.


Get alerted to changes in the product stock when working in Stock Manager. Be notified when a colleague is working on the same product.